Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid BikeJanuary, 2023

If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced unisex hybrid bike, then this model may be right up your alley. Diamondback is an established hybrid bike manufacturer that produces moderately priced models that are pretty versatile. Their Edgewood hybrid is a great rugged model that’s equipped with some top of the line components and parts. The bike offers features that are designed to make your riding experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

Our Verdict: This is another great hybrid by Diamondback that’s reasonably priced and a great choice if you want a bike you can use to ride around town. It features tires that are wider than what you would normally find on the average hybrid, which can be a big selling point if you want a more versatile bike that you can take on smooth and uneven terrains. Overall, this bike will work well as a commuter or for recreational use. Click here to see today’s current deal…

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Overview and Features 

Diamondback currently offers some of the most versatile and affordable hybrids on the market. The Edgewood offers a smoother riding experience and some much-needed versatility thanks to the lightweight frame and chunky tires.

The bike’s frame design allows you to use an upright riding position that will make rides around town more comfortable. The bike also offers adjustable features that make this bike suitable for a wider range of cycling needs. 

The only downside we came across in terms of component quality were the pedals. These are cheap plastic pedals that aren’t really designed to go the distance. However, just like stock saddles, pedals are a common stock component that most experienced cyclists switch out right away. If you’re buying this bike for commuting purposes we recommend upgrading the pedals before use.

This is a great bike for cyclists of all fitness levels and it’s pretty versatile to boot. The lightweight frame and the rugged tires make this bike suitable for commuting, off-roading, and casual rides around town. 


The bike comes with a basic stock saddle that may be too stiff and uncomfortable for longer commutes. This is a common issue that you’ll run into with most new bikes. Fortunately, this is an affordable and simple upgrade. 


This is a twenty-one-speed bike, which is more than enough gears to allow you to keep up a good pace when you’re dealing with hills or windy weather. This bike is equipped with a Shimano Easy Fire shifter, a high quality system that’s received plenty of positive feedback from seasoned cyclists. Changing gears is easy and smooth but it switching and choosing the right gear will take a little getting used to with a shifter system of this size.


The bike’s frame is designed with sports hybrid geometry and is made out of a lightweight aluminum. This type of lightweight frame is designed to minimize the rider fatigue and can allow you travel longer distances. Heavy-duty bikes, such as mountain bikes, are made out of a high tensile steel. While a steel frame definitely adds to a bike’s overall durability it also results in a seriously heavy frame that can make even short commutes exhausting.

The bike’s frame also features a lower middle bar for improved rider access.

Additionally, the bike is available in four frame sizes, so you’ll enjoy the perfect fit for a more comfortable ride.

If you want to upgrade, then you’ll love the replaceableDiamondback derailleur hanger. A derailleur hanger is designed to save some serious wear and tear on your bike in the event of a crash. In fact, they’re made to break under extreme stress for this purpose, saving the bike’s frame from potential damage. Like the bike’s frame, the derailleur hanger is also made out of aluminum and attaches directly to the frame via a couple of bolts. The mechanism itself then attaches to the hanger. This is an easy, affordable upgrade and one that can save a lot of damage to your frame.

This model really is the perfect blend of a road bike and mountain bike, although it doesn’t quite pack the same type of power and durability that a true mountain bike does. 

If you want a bike with a more aggressive setup, click here to check out our buyer’s guide which lists the leading hybrid bikes on the market. 


The hybrid bike vs. mountain bike design gives the cyclist the type of versatility they need on the road. Want a hybrid bike that can take on those rocky bike trails, one that can travel over an uneven dirt road, smoothly and easily? If you need a bike that can ride like a road bike on city streets and one that can be used for your weekend off-roading adventures, then this Diamondback bike is a perfect fit.

The HL Zoom comfort suspension fork will allow you enjoy some off-roading in total comfort. The bike is at home on most types of riding surfaces. The seat post offers ample cushioning, thanks to the deluxe hybrid double density base. The seat post is also equipped with alloy suspension, which works to further improve rider comfort when riding on rocky terrain. 


The alloy linear brakes provide ample stopping power and are low-maintenance. Right out of the box, some cyclists did note that the brakes need to be adjusted before use. If you don’t have any experience adjusting bike brakes, then we strongly recommend having the brakes adjusted by a professional. Additionally, you can expect these brakes to feel a little too tight during use, until you’ve put some mileage on your bike. 

Rims and Tires 

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The double wall alloy rims are equipped with fourteen-gauge steel spokes. These rims are designed to stay true, even with rough regular use. 

The Kenda Kross tires are the standard for all Diamondback hybrids. The tires themselves are actually puncture proof. They also feature a wider, more rugged design, which is what makes them suitable for some off-road riding.

The tires provide an ideal mix of a subtle tread design, a low-profile construction, and roll quality. All of which adds to these high-performance tires equipped with impressive gripability so you can take on any type of terrain.

What the Edgewood Has to Offer 

The Bike’s streamlined design allows it to hug tight turns, glide over both rocky and smooth terrain and it can even handle wet surfaces, thanks to the heavy-duty tires. For these reasons and more, this bike comes highly recommended by commuters and off-roaders.

With most models of hybrids, the bike either leans more toward a road bike or a mountain bike. Daimondback has done a great job of giving you the best of both worlds in a bike that can handle off-roading and riding around town.

We were surprised simply because this bike offers more versatility than it should at this price. The lightweight frame and large shifter system makes the bike a great choice for recreational use and commuting, while the suspension fork and tough tires allow you to take this model on an off-roading adventure.

This bike is specifically designed for the casual cyclist or the commuter who wants a bike that’s easy to use and offers a notable performance. We like that the manufacturer combined high-quality components with a comfortable design. This is a bike that’s very beginner-friendly and a good fit for older cyclists. The lower stand over height of the frame also makes it much easier to get on and off. The bike’s upright riding position will give the cyclist more confidence on the road. It also forces the rider to be more aware of their surroundings and road conditions, which makes this bike much safer to use. It doesn’t offer the same type of riding power as the Sixthreezeo Evryjourney hybrid bike, but for the price, the Edgewood has easily exceeded our expectations. 


  • This model provides a predictive incredibly stable ride, even when you’re riding on uneven terrain. 
  • The suspension allows you to enjoy a more versatile riding experience. 
  • The higher quality components and parts significantly improve the bike’s performance.
  • Reasonably priced 


  • For beginners, the twenty-one-speed gear system may be too complex. 
  • Brakes need to be adjusted before use
  • Cheap stock pedals
  • The large wheels really add some weight to this bike 
Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike Conclusion and Rating

Joy Bicycles.com Product Rating Updated January, 2023: (4/5)

Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Hybrid Bike

If you’ve never ridden a Diamondback hybrid bike before, then their latest model will have you sold on this brand for life. Somehow, they’ve managed to produce a solid performer and one that’s not going to hit your wallet too hard.

The  Edgewood is a hybrid bike that offers a masterful combination of road performance and comfort. The variety of frame size options makes it easy for the cyclist to ensure they get a bike that’s a perfect fit, which, in turn, also results in improved performance. So, if you love cycling but you don’t want a bike with an overly aggressive road bike style frame design, then the Edgewood certainly fits the bill. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.


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Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid Bike
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