Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Clarity 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike ReviewJanuary, 2023

Finding the best hybrid bike for women isn’t easy, there simply aren’t as many models to choose from compared to hybrid bikes designed for men. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers out there that produce top of the line women’s hybrid bikes that offer more than just a few to choose from. Diamondback is one of those companies.  Their Clarity One is a popular hybrid model that excels at both speed and durability. The bike itself is also very eye-catching, with its clean lines, smooth colors, and large beefy tires.  While on average, a major brand only produces two or three women’s bikes per year, Diamondback offers a wider variety of women’s bikes, so you’ll never have to settle. For many women searching for a more versatile hybrid, the Clarity One can be the answer. 

Our Verdict: This hybrid is as basic as they come. It doesn’t feature any extras and offers a decent performance on cultivated terrain. It has a lightweight frame, which clearly tells us it’s designed with more of a road bike influenc than a mountain bike.  This is not a hybrid that can handle any type of off-roading, but it’s an excellent choice if you need a bike for commuting or recreational use. Click here to see if it’s still available…

Read on below to learn exactly what makes this one of the leading hybrids on the market for commuting.

Overview and Features 

Diamondback produces some great hybrids for both men and women, but unlike other companies, they have more options available for women, in a variety of price ranges. This is one of their moderately priced hybrids, and it’s got some great features that any cyclist will love. 

If you’re searching for the perfect hybrid bike designed for everyday use, but you’re also on a tight budget, then the Clarity One is the answer. 

The bike provides cyclists with a comfortable, relaxed upright riding position, combined with a cushy gel saddle that can prevent saddle sores and general discomfort. 

As we’ve mentioned, this is the perfect hybrid for commuting, riding around town, or running errands. 

Because it’s designed for speed, this would also be a great bike if you’re in need of a high-performance hybrid you can use to get back into shape. Additionally, the bike’s speed capabilities are also what makes it a good choice as a daily commuter. 

If you’re looking for a hybrid that combines both road bike and mountain bike qualities, then the Clarity One is the right choice for you. With hybrid bike versus road bike, the Clarity One offers more features that give it a true road bike feel, but it also has the type of power and control that’s purely mountain bike. 

Frame Design 

The frame design is top of the line. This sturdy frame is made out of a lightweight  aluminum and it provides an upright, comfortable ride that will reduce lower and upper back strain, while enhancing the cyclist’s visibility. The frame is of course specifically designed to provide the perfect fit for women cyclists. Since it’s lightweight, you can easily pedal faster and further than you ever have before, unlike with a mountain bike, which can easily zap your energy if your route consists of hilly terrain. 


The bike is equipped with a total of twenty-one gears to choose from. Ride uphill easily with just a flick of a switch. If your route to work mainly consists of flat terrain then you probably won’t need to experiment much with this gear system, but if you have plenty of uphill riding to deal with, then this wide variety of gears can be a total lifesaver. The gears are very easy to adjust and maintain. In fact, the setup is very user-friendly, so even a beginner will have no problem choosing the best gear based on terrain type. The Shimano trigger shifters allow for precise, fast shifts and they’re perfectly tuned right out of the box, no adjustments required. 

Braking Power

Equipped with linear pull brakes, you’ll enjoy excellent stopping power and precise speed management. In terms of quality, no upgrade is needed here. While the manufacturer may have excluded any fancy extra features, they didn’t skimp on brake quality. Like most new brakes, these brakes should be adjusted before you take the Clarity One for a spin. If you’re not sure how to adjust linear pull brakes correctly you can have it professionally done at a local sporting goods store. 

Wheels and Rims 

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The tires and rims are both important features to pay close attention to when you’re looking for a bike you can use as a daily commuter. The stronger the rims are, the smoother your riding experience will be. This model feature aluminum alloy rims and 700c high-performance tires. Obviously, the 700c tires are much narrower than the tires you’ll find on a mountain bike, but for commuting and city riding they’re perfect. They also feature a deep tread for improved traction in wet conditions. 

These Kenda Kwick Trax wheels are not only designed to handle a variety of conditions, but they’re also designed to make your ride more comfortable. These tires offer improved handling and low rolling resistance, so you’ll enjoy a smoother performance.

If you’re looking for a hybrid bike that can handle off-road riding, we recommend the Schwinn Wayfarer hybrid bike. A commuter bike is one that you’ll want to rely on solely for getting around town on, or if you’re in need of a bike that can handling logging several miles a day, whether you’re training for a race, want to challenge yourself to get fit, or you’ve decided to ride your bike to work. Using a mountain bike also has it’s benefits, but it really belongs in a totally different category and it’s not a model a cyclist with commuting needs should consider. 


The assembly process is very easy, thanks to the well-written instructions. The bike arrives eighty-five percent assembled, so all you’ll need to do is attach the handlebars, saddle, and tires. It’s that easy. However, you may want to take the bike to your local bike shop if you don’t have experience with adjusting brakes. 


There’s something to be said about a well-built hybrid that features a simple design. If you’ve never ridden a hybrid before, this bike’s aluminum frame design will show you exactly why so many fitness enthusiasts are making the switch from steel frame bikes to aluminum alloy. You will simply fly down city streets and up hills.

On wet surfaces this hybrid offers a Better than average performance. It can handle heavy rainfall but the tires tend to struggle with mud, dirt, gravel, and uneven terrain. You can try upgrading the tires if you live in a part of the country that experiences a lot of rainfall during the winter months. This type of upgrade can improve the tire’s performance. However, since the bike lacks a suspension fork it still won’t be suitable for off-road riding.

As a commuter, this bike totally shines. The lightweight aluminum frame will make it easier to travel longer distances and transport and store your bike.

Since the bike features an impressive twenty-one gears it can also be a great bike to use for training purposes, if you enjoy racing, or it can be a good choice if you’re looking for a bike that can help you burn some serious calories.

While this model doesn’t have a lot of flash, it does perform well in ideal conditions. If you’re interested in this bike for recreational use or for commuting, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Perfect for city riding 
  • Lightweight aluminum frame 
  • Twenty-one gears to choose from  
  • Gel saddle for improved comfort 
  • Easy handling in wet conditions 
  • Budget-friendly option 


  • Not designed for off-road riding 
  • No extras included, such as fenders 
Diamondback Bicycles Women's Clarity 1 Conclusion and Rating

Joy Bicycles.com Product Rating Updated January, 2023: (4/5)

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's Clarity 1The Diamondback Clarity One is a simple hybrid bike for women. It may not come equipped with fancy extras or allow you to ride off-road, but it’s not supposed to. This basic design is what keeps the bike’s price so low. You can easily make some upgrades of your own later down the line if you want to take this bike for a spin down a dirt bike trail on uneven terrain. 

As is, the bike works well for riding around town or commuting to and from work. If you don’t need a bike that comes with a lot of frills, then the Clarity One’s clean look, sharp lines, lightweight frame and solid performance can definitely meet your cycling needs, while saving you some serious cash.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a city hybrid bike, then the Clarity One is a great choice. Designed with the commuter in mind, this bike can fly. The light frame combined with the gel saddle will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable commute, while the top of the line brakes provide the type of precise stopping power you’ll need when riding around the city. It may not be flashy, but it has what it needs for those longer commutes. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.

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