Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle ReviewJanuary, 2023

The Springdale women’s hybrid bike by Kent Northwoods is equipped with all the right features for a leisurely ride around town or a solid commute to and from work. Technically, it excels with off-road riding, but its powerful tires, durable frame, and sleek design also make it a good choice as a daily commuter. Very versatile and packing great features that make it city riding and off-road friendly, the Springdale is the total package. 

Our Verdict: The Springdale is one of the leading models of hybrid bikes for women on the market to date. This is a bike that has a lot going for it. Solidly built and equipped with twenty-one gears, this bike is recommended for daily commutes and recreational use. However, it’s available in one size only, making it a bad buy for riders under five feet, four inches tall. We’d recommend this model to anyone in need of a reliable commuter and a hybrid that can provide a solid performance in any type of weather conditions. This model is available right now, click here to check it out…

Continue reading to learn why this lightweight, fast hybrid from Kent Northwoods earned high marks in every area.

Overview and Features 

Kent Northwoods typically produces mid-range hybrid bikes, but they’ve clearly outdone themselves with the Springdale. Finding a reliable, durable hybrid bike for women is no easy task. But Kent Northwoods has taken the lead, offering an eye-catching, affordable hybrid for women that comes with some great features and is best described as versatile.

One of the leading women’s hybrid bikes on the market, if you’re looking for a bike that’s both stylish and versatile, look no further than the Springdale. 

It’s also a great bike if you’re looking for a model that can handle daily use fighting traffic or navigating challenging terrain.  This bike has it all. 

It also comes with a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and twenty-one gears to choose from. The extensive gear system will give you more control over rider comfort as you adjust gears based on terrain type. 

But some cyclists were disappointed to learn that this model is only available in one size, which makes it a poor choice for shorter cyclists. 

If you’d like to take a look at hybrids with a variety of frame size options, click here to check out our hybrid bike buyer’s guide, where you’ll find a great selection of top-selling models. 


The large 700c tires provide a smooth ride with excellent traction. The wheels can handle rocky terrain or slick city streets like a champ. We love the type of versatility these rugged tires add to the bike. Despite their narrow design, they can still manage to easily climbs and grip steep hills and rugged terrain like a champ. The combination of the lightweight frame and rugged tires is what really brings this hybrid to the next level. Pros and beginner cyclists will both benefit from the bike’s versatility and raw power. 


The frame is made out of sturdy aluminum alloy and is designed to withstand daily wear and tear. While it shares some of the similarities of a mountain bike, the lightweight frame weighs actually half that of a traditional mountain bike, which is often made out of heavy-duty stainless steel. The lightweight frame makes this bike a great choice for commuting since the frame wont quickly cause user fatigue. This bike is fast, allowing you to shoot up a hill in seconds, thanks to the lighter frame and impressive shifter system. 

If you prefer a hybrid with a more traditional road bike design, we recommend the Diamondback Edgewood hybrid bike. 


The front and rear linear pull brakes provide excellent stopping power, even in wet weather conditions.


Unfortunately, this bike is only available in one frame size, which can be a deal breaker for some cyclists. Many riders felt that the bike is not suitable for riders under five feet, four inches tall. This bike is a great choice for cyclists measuring in at five feet, six inches, up to six feet tall. 

While the manufacturer states that the minimum height for this model is five feet, four inches, as you can see many cyclists felt that the minimum height is two inches taller. 

This is something you’ll want to take into consideration before you buy. If you’re too short for this model, it can really affect your performance and ability to maneuver and control this hybrid. 


Twenty-one gears is more than enough to get you where you need to go using minimal effort. Tired of struggling to get your bike up that steep hill on your commute to work? Or worse yet, do you normally have to walk your bike up a hill because it doesn’t pack enough power to help you climb? The Springdale is not only designed for speed, it can easily help you climb any hill in your path using its top of the line shifter system that provides a variety of gear options you can use based on terrain type.


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The assembly process can be completed in less than thirty minutes, especially if you have past experience with bike assembly. You’ll want to pay special attention to the hybrid bike tire pressure. If the pressure is too low, it can make off-road riding difficult. 

Unfortunately, the included user’s manual is very vague and generic to all models of Kent Northwoods bikes. However, if you have any issues during the assembly process you can contact customer service for help troubleshooting any issues. Another option is having the bike assembled and adjusted by a pro at your local bike shop. This may be the best option if you have no prior bike assembly experience. 


This bike shifts gears very smoothly. Combined with the linear pull brakes, the lightweight frame, and twenty-one gears to choose from, you can easily climb hills, ride over uncultivated bike trails, or enjoy a ride around town. As you can see, the bike’s versatility is its main selling point. Of course, beginners may need to spend some time practicing using the different gears before they take this bike for a longer ride. Considering how many options are available, learning how to change up the gears based on terrain type can take some practice and can be a little overwhelming for the new cyclist. 

However, the included manual explains how to use the shifters to accommodate for slick or uneven terrain and hilly terrain.

Aside from how it rides, it’s also undeniably eye-catching. 

This is a hybrid that handles more like a mountain bike, however, it’s lightweight frame still allows you to easily use this bike for commuting purposes. 

Going off-road with this hybrid is totally possible, thanks to the twenty-one gears and the rugged tires. 

In truth, this bike can easily outperform higher priced models. Its rugged design also allows you to put it to the test during an off-road ride. This is definitely the bike you want if you’re looking for a bike that can handle it all. 

The bike’s innovative design results in a versatile hybrid bike that’s budget-friendly and built to last. What makes it stand out from competing models is the fact that it’s equipped with so many top-quality parts from Shimano. Additionally, it appears as though almost every aspect of the bike has been designed for smooth riding, durability, and performance. 

Truthfully, the price for the bike is so low that it probably makes cyclists automatically assume that it doesn’t offer the best riding experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, don’t let the low price tag fool you, because this is one of the best hybrids on the market. 


  • Tough enough for off-road riding 
  • High traction tires make this bike perfect for rides in wet weather or on uneven terrain. 
  • Beautiful, eye-catching paint job and design 
  • Front and rear linear pull brakes 
  • Easy assembly process
  • A great choice for a daily commuter 


  • User guide isn’t very detailed 
  • Shifter system can be difficult for beginners to use
  • The bike is available in only one size 
Kent Northwoods Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle Conclusion and Rating

Joy Product Rating Updated January, 2023: (4.5/5)

Kent Northwoods Springdale Women's Hybrid BicycleThe Springdale is one of our top picks of hybrid bikes for women for a number of reasons. While most bike manufacturers produce only one or two hybrid bikes for women, Kent Northwoods has made it their mission to design and manufacture a wide variety of hybrids, giving women the opportunity to choose a model that will work the best for their specific cycling needs. The Springdale is a hybrid that focuses on user comfort and speed. This model easily outshines higher priced hybrids, offeingr the type of easy handling the woman commuter needs in a bike that’s designed to withstand heavy use. 

It’s reasonably priced, which means it’s very affordable, even for cyclists on a tight budget, and the bike itself is very versatile. It can handle both flat and uneven terrain equally well, so you can enjoy off-road riding or hitting the city streets. A great budget buy for the cyclist in search of a great mountain bike or road bike style hybrid, this model earned a four-and-a-half-star rating.


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