Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle ReviewJanuary, 2023

As the name implies, this hybrid bike by Sixthreezero is the perfect commuter. The Explore Your Range bike is in every way designed for commuting purposes, from the durable tires to the lightweight aluminum frame. This bike can take you the distance and then some. 

Our Verdict: While it’s not the type of hybrid that you can take for a little off-roading adventure, if you’re training for a race, need a fast commuter bike, or you’re looking for a high-performance model that can help whip you back into shape, then the Explore Your Range can help you meet your fitness goals. Bottom line, we don’t recommend this model to the cyclist who enjoys regular off-road riding. This is available now, click here to see how to purchase…

Read on to find out why this hybrid earned a high rating and is deemed the perfect commuter.

Overview and Features 

Sixthreezero’s latest hybrid hit the market running. This is a bike that was designed with the commuter in mind. The lightweight frame will allow you to travel further and makes riding uphill a breeze. However, this is also partly due to the bike’s excellent gear system. Overall, this isn’t a bike that you can take for some fun off-road riding, but that’s okay. This bike isn’t designed to be an off-roader. Instead, it’s designed to make those long, tough commutes more manageable. The bike’s streamlined design, durable tires and the lightweight frame hit all the right marks for a bike that’s the right choice for  long commutes. It can withstand heavy, regular use, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear on the frame and tires.

Commuting bikes need to have certain qualities in order to really work for the cyclist. This can include a bike that’s known for speed, high-quality tires, and a lightweight frame that can reduce fatigue, so the cyclist can ride for a longer period of time without getting tired. Additionally, the frame has to be durable and designed for heavy use. Often, finding all of these qualities in one bike can take plenty of research and shopping around, but the Explore Your Range is the total package. Even better, it’s priced affordably, so even the cyclist on a tight budget can enjoy a bike that can get them where they need to go, fast. 

This is a pretty basic bike. It features decent components, a well-built frame, and tires designed for a smoother ride. While it can’t compete with the Retrospec Mars Hybrid City Commuter hybrid bike, in terms of performance and versatility, if you’re looking for a hybrid bike for commuting and one that won’t hit your wallet too hard, then this model is your best option.


This is a seven-speed hybrid complete with the popular Shimano external derailleur, which allows you to take on a variety of terrain types. This smaller gear range can be a downside for some cyclists but should be sufficient for commuting purposes. For challenging off-roading you may need a more extensive gear system, but for rides around town and commuting to and from work, the seven gear system should be more than adequate. 


The front and rear brakes provide excellent stopping power but may need some tweaking right out of the box. 

On the road, the brakes are very responsive, even in wet street conditions. However, these brakes can take on some serious wear and tear if you ride year-round in wet weather conditions. The brakes themselves are really nothing to write home about, however, for stock brakes they offer a decent performance and solid stopping power. If you’re clocking more than twenty miles a day with your work commute then you may want to upgrade these brakes at some point down the line as they tend to wear out rather easy with regular use. 


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The bike features 700c tires and double-walled rims for a nice smooth ride. These wheels are pretty powerful and can offer more support on rough paths and paved city streets. These narrow tires feature a deep tread that allows cyclists to easily handle wet road conditions, which is essential for a commuter bike. 700c tires are commonly found on hybrids that feature a design that leans more towards a city bike as opposed to a mountain bike. But these tires on the Explore Your Range feature a truly durable design. The thick rubber combined with the deep tread provides just the right amount of traction for city riding and can even offer impressive gripability in wet weather conditions, which is a huge plus for the cyclist who lives in a part of the country that receives a lot of rainfall year-round. 


This bike arrives eighty-five percent assembled, however, the gears and brakes may need to be adjusted before your first ride. If you don’t have much experience with bikes, this job is better left to the pros. A local bike shop often offers this type of service for a reasonable price.

The bike comes with a detailed user’s manual that includes plenty of helpful information regarding assembly. Unfortunately, you won’t find any information involving brake adjustment.  

In regard to the assembly process, you’ll need to attach the tires, saddle, and handlebars. The included instructions are simple and easy to follow. 


This model is only available in one size only. The frame size should work well for riders ranging from five feet, up to six feet, two inches tall. This frame size is pretty average for hybrids in this price range. 


This isn’t a hybrid that focuses on versatility. In terms of hybrid vs. mountain bike, this model is purely designed for city riding. Higher priced hybrids will feature a design that allows you to ride on both paved and dirt roads, which is where the Explore Your Range falls short. The frame and tires are not up to rough road riding. But considering the price, if you’re after a commuter style hybrid, this bike is still a great buy. 

If you’d like to check out models that can handle both off-roading and city riding, click here to look at other leading models of hybrid bikes. 

This bike is the manufacturer’s solution to a more affordable commuter bike that’s designed to handle long daily commutes. It’s a good quality bike that can handle wet weather conditions moderately well, however, this bike was definitely not made for off-roading. 

Instead, it was designed for cyclists who want to ride beyond the limits. Speed is where this bike really shines. The combination of the tires and frame allow this hybrid to truly fly on paved roads. The addition of the rear derailleur allows you to hug and handle curvy, hilly terrain and weave in and out of traffic. 

Frame Design

Weighing just thirty-eight pounds, this bike is also perfect for longer commutes. The handlebar and saddle geometry place the cyclist in a heads-up position, which can prevent shoulder, lower back, and neck strain. 

While thirty-eight pounds may sound heavy to a beginner, the seasoned cyclist knows that it’s much lighter than the average mountain bike, especially considering the large frame size. The frame itself is well-built, offering clean, smooth lines and a classic look that makes this bike very eye-catching. 

Where This Hybrid Shines

The manufacturer did a fine job of designing an affordable, lightweight hybrid that can handle heavy, regular use. The bike’s design focuses on speed and riding precision. If you want a bike that will allow you to put your cycling skills and endurance to the test, then the Explore Your Range is the bike for you.

On the road you won’t be disappointed with how this bike handles terrain. In inclement weather it still easily outperforms other city bike styled hybrids, however, as we’ve mentioned, it can’t compete with a mountain bike when it comes to riding trails.

But, if you’re looking for a commuter, a bike that can handle riding around town or one that excels at long commutes, then this bike will get you where you need to go, quickly.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Shimano components 
  • Perfect for city riding 
  • Frame design allows the rider to take a more comfortable riding stance 
  • Smooth braking system 
  • 700c tires are perfect for speed 


  • The bike is only available in one size option 
  • Brakes and gears will need fine-tuning 
  • Not designed for off-road use 
Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Conclusion and Rating

Joy Product Rating Updated January, 2023: (4/5)

Sixthreezero Explore Your RangeThe Explore Your Range hybrid is built for speed and fast-paced city riding. This bike excels in all the right areas if a commuter hybrid is what you’re after. This isn’t the most versatile hybrid we came across, simply because it’s not able to handle dirt roads or any type of uneven terrain.

As a commuter, this model is exactly what a cyclist needs it to be. Stylish, lightweight, fast, and easy to handle.  This is a hybrid you can depend on, whether you love long rides on the weekend or you’re in need of a reliable bike you can use to ride to and from work.  We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.

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