Top Six Hybrid Bike BrandsThe best hybrid bike brands offer top of the line hybrids that are tough, versatile, and affordable. These bike brands were rated based on model versatility, popularity, pricing, and consumer reviews. Choosing a bike from a leading brand ensures that you buy a bike that can last and handle the type of cycling you enjoy, whether it’s off-roading, running errands, fitness training, or commuting. Hands down, bicycles are the most commonly used mode of transportation on the planet. If you rely on your bike to get to and from work, enjoy riding around town on the weekends, or you use your bike for your daily workout, then you want a hybrid bike that you can rely on, one that can withstand daily use and take you the distance.

To date, the best hybrid bike brands include:

  • Schwinn
  • Sixthreezero
  • Tommaso
  • Retrospec
  • Diamondback
  • Kent Northwoods

These manufacturers not only offer an extensive, versatile line of hybrid bikes, but their hybrids have a reputation for lasting year after year, with proper care and maintenance. The market is flooded with new bike brands, making it seem as though a new company pops up every week. But the companies that made it to our top six list offer what the competition just can’t-quality bikes that are designed to last, and models that are available in a variety of price ranges.

Schwinn is a brand most people are familiar with, but if you’ve never heard of the other leading hybrid bike manufacturers, continue reading to find out exactly why these companies made it to our top six list. Finding the right hybrid bike can be a challenge. Ultimately, you need to choose a bike brand that works with your style and budget, and a model that’s built tough and able to handle daily commutes, a little off-roading, and a variety of weather conditions. We’ve compiled a list of the best bike manufacturers out there, so you can easily choose a company that produces a bike designed to meet your cycling needs.

How We Chose the Best Hybrid Bike Manufacturers

Finding the best companies that produce the leading hybrids wasn’t easy. Hybrids are quickly catching on in popularity because they’re more versatile than a mountain bike or city bike. In fact, they’re designed to incorporate many of the features you’ll find on a road bike and a mountain bike, essentially providing you with a bike that offers the best of both worlds.

The companies we chose have been leaders in the industry for a number of years, offering more than just one or two hybrid models, and instead delivering a variety of hybrids to choose from. Other manufacturers out there only produce a few hybrids a year, making it difficult to find the right model to suit your needs.

But these leading brands have gone above and beyond, delivering what the competition can’t.

If you’re interested in buying your first hybrid, you can click here to read our hybrid bike buyer’s guide where you’ll find more information regarding what to look for in a hybrid bike that’s perfect for you and your cycling needs.


Schwinn was founded in Chicago, Illinois, back in 1895 and it’s a company that all bike enthusiasts are familiar with. They create bicycles for people of all ages, but their latest line of hybrid bikes is what really breathed new life into this company, not only making them more relevant but more popular than ever before. Hybrid bikes are often priced higher than a traditional ten-speed or a mountain bike. Somehow, Schwinn is able to produce hybrid bikes that are not only well-built, but equipped with high-quality components including brakes, tires, and durable, lightweight frames; all for a reasonable price.


Sixthreezero is an up and coming company that was founded in 2006. This smaller company is able to compete with the big boys, quickly making a name for themselves by releasing one of the biggest selling lines of hybrid bikes for both men and women. Sixthreezero produces cruiser bikes that have also gained them some notoriety, mainly because they took the classic vintage design of the beach cruiser and modernized it, allowing riders to enjoy better brakes and a lighter weight design. However, their line of hybrid bikes is their bread and butter. Their creative designs, top of the line components, and the overall durability of their bike frames are one of the reasons we expect even bigger and better things from Sixthreezero in the future.


hybrid bikes brands

Founded in 1985, Tommaso has been able to remain relevant by introducing new lines of bicycles that are designed to meet the casual and avid cyclist’s needs. As you know, hybrid bikes are really hot right now. Tommaso blew us away with their hybrid bike line, producing models that can handle a variety of weather conditions, moderate off-roading, and more. Essentially, they took hybrid bike design to the next level, challenging competitors to produce models that are equally as well-built and durable. We were impressed with how smooth their model the La Forma handles and how versatile it really is. Clearly, Tommaso is fighting for the number one spot in the market and if they continue to produce affordable, top of the line hybrids, such as the La Forma, then Schwinn will need to up their game and fast.


Retrospec is the underdog of the hybrid bike world, mainly because they’re not as well-known as major bike manufacturers such as Schwinn. Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California, they quickly made a name for themselves when they introduced their extensive line of fixie bikes. While Retrospec isn’t yet known for their line of hybrid bikes, their models are making a buzz in the cycling community. Their hybrids may not be quite as versatile as higher priced hybrids, but for the price, we were impressed with both their hybrid bike designs and the fact that they use components from well-known manufacturers such as Shimano. Their last hybrid bike line for men and women not only gained a reputation for comfort and style, but the durable bike designs also allow you to easily handle busy city streets and wet weather conditions as well.


Diamondback was founded in Kent, Washington in 1977. Their hybrid bike lines for both men and women are designed for the serious cyclist or for people who need a durable, comfortable bike to ride around on the weekends. Whether you need a reliable commuter or a bike you can use for a leisurely bike ride after work, Diamondback has the perfect model for you. It’s clear, during the design phase, diamondback went above and beyond in terms of incorporating all the components cyclists need, know, and love. From the saddle to the handlebar grips, pedals, and tires, their hybrid bikes are all class.

Kent Northwoods

Kent Northwoods features a line of hybrid bikes for men and women that incorporate the latest in hybrid bike technology and design, and all at a more affordable priced compared to the competition. This family-owned company gained notoriety with the release of the Springdale women’s hybrid bike, a model that’s lightweight, easy to handle on a variety of terrain types, and built to last. Their hybrid bikes are known to be some of the most versatile on the market, including designs that are equal parts road bike and mountain bike. Basically, their bikes are everything hybrid bikes are supposed to be, the only real difference here is Kent Northwoods actually delivers a true hybrid while competing companies tend to produce bikes that either lean more toward a mountain bike or road bike.

Related Questions

What is the Best Bicycle Brand?

The answer to this question is debatable and tends to vary depending on what type of bike you’re looking for and the type of bike you need. Many people believe that Schwinn is the best hybrid bike brand or bike brand in general. This is mainly due to the fact that Schwinn caters to all types of cyclists. But considering they’ve been around for decades it comes as no surprise that you can find any type of bike you need through their product lineup.

What is a Hybrid Bike Good for?

Hybrid bikes can be used for commuting, off-roading, recreational riding, and as a sole mode of transportation. These bikes are so popular because they’re very versatile and can work for a wide range of terrain types and riding styles.

Is a Road Bike Better than a Hybrid?

In terms of hybrid bike vs. hybrid bike, this can ultimately depend on whether your priority is speed or versatility. Road bikes are designed specifically with speed in mind, which means their frames are lighter, the tires are thinner, and cyclists can ride for a longer period of time without experiencing fatigue. However, these bikes can’t handle a wide range of terrain types, whereas the hybrid can. You also can’t ride a road bike in wet weather conditions like you can a hybrid.

Final Thoughts

The best hybrid bike brands include major players in the industry including Schwinn, Tommasso, Sixthreezero, Retrospec, Kent Northwoods, and Diamondback. They’re considered the best brands because they offer a more versatile line of hybrids that feature top of the line components, quality welds, and an overall better performance. They also offer more selections of hybrid bikes, for both men and women.

The Top Six Hybrid Bike Brands That Dominate the Industry
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The Top Six Hybrid Bike Brands That Dominate the Industry
Check out the top-rated hybrid bike brands, find out why each brand made it onto our list and what each brand has to offer in terms of quality and pricing.

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